Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Here We Go Again!

Let's hope that this year is as magical as last year! I'm doing the series again on WMBF news, and this year it's going to be even bigger and better! I'm lucky enough that a very talented news photographer is also my fiancè, and he's just as passionate about sea turtles as I am! 

We've already had a great interview with Ann Willson from Myrtle Beach State Park. She gave some great insight on everything from the DNA study to the sea turtle nesting forecast for this year. I'll have bits and pieces of her interview sprinkled throughout the series.

Pirate waiting on food
The highlight of my journey so far this season is getting to visit the Sea Turtle Hospital in Charleston, SC. I had a chance to see Pirate and Little Debbie, both Grand Strand sea turtles, as well as all the behind the scenes activities. The best news of all is Pirate and Little Debbie are getting to go back the ocean! Pirate has had a long stay at the hospital and a very hard road to recovery, but now is doing good.

The hospital is also getting ready for a HUGE release (Pirate and 5 other turtles) this weekend at Isle of Palms. Look for a shot of Pirate swimming out to the open sea this Sunday evening on WMBF News at 6.

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