Monday, July 19, 2010

Going Green!

While being green (the eco-friendly kind) is cool, seeing green is even better! Surfside Police were seeing green...a green sea turtle crawl...Saturday morning.

Surfside police called Ann Wilson, Interpretive Director and local sea turtle expert with MB State Park, and told her they found a turtle crawl. Ann and her coworker Katie went to check it out. They could tell right away that this wasn't the usual loggerhead crawl. They started probing and quickly found 143 eggs about 14 inches deep. The nest was relocated to the State Park for safe keeping and monitoring. If they are right about it being a green sea turtle we will get the have a Green Sea Turtle inventory in September! VERY COOL!

Nat Geo Pic of The Day

Green sea turtle tracks can be distinguished from those of loggerheads by the simultaneous flipper marks and a tail mark down the center of the track.

Green sea turtles usually nest in the Florida Keys, Costa Rica, and other tropical and subtropical spots in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. But occasionally these herbivores will nest on our beaches. They are about 3 feet and weigh in at 300 pounds.

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